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Sky is wrong. Moss is wrong. Mint isn’t pale enough. Chlorophyll is much much brighter and more saturated than that. Avocado is wrong. Lime is wrong. Gold is horribly wrong. Salmon is wrong. Baby is wrong. Your pink is really more of a fuchsia. Blue orchids are two colors, neither of which are what’s listed here. Grape is darker than eggplant. Wine is darker than that. Cherries are darker than that. Cinnamon is brown. 

You pretty much skipped over most blues, pinks, oranges, and reds.

I am a male artist, don’t fuck with me and colors.

The men of tumblr are the most badass people I’ve ever met

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how long before our waves cancel each other out

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I didn’t do it, I swear.

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#;out of guyliner;

What is the kinkiest thing your muse wants to do to mine? Bonus points if you’re as descriptive as possible and can make them blush.

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Can I just say asdòlhfsldhflsed and close it? No?

Okay, this person is just AMAZING. That kind of amazing that it doesn’t matter if she couldn’t be online for weeks because of real life, I was there waiting for her like a stupid dog that waits all happy in front of his owner’s door to get his cookies, because her replies are always something that just makes you implode. I roleplay with her in a billion of blogs as well and in every verse she manages to bring out a new shade of Killian, the one more adapt to the world where he is in, which just leaves me shocked everytime. 
Ic speaking, she’s just as shocking because even when she wasn’t much online she was ALWAYS ready to talk to me when I was feeling down or to encourage me (some blogs happened because she was there to say ‘hey you do it’), always ready to share her opinions or what was going on. 
We have shipping threads, brotp threads, and everytime I manage to have a good laugh and not only find out new things about her Killian but new things about my muse as well, because she can do everything. 
Every reply is like a Christmas gift. That says it all. 

bonus gif: 

I just now realized that I’ve been running on about four hours of sleep and have been up for over 18 hours. Oops?

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