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Killian Jones appreciation week || season 3 
Day Two: Favourite Quotes

No More Mutants

If anyone needs me or wants to talk to me or what have you, I’ll be over on Wanda’s blog for the night (and possibly the remainder of the weekend).


I stopped being me

                        such a long time ago

                                             I don’t even remember

                                                                       Who that was.

"one goes to the dead, other comes back"

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Your muse breaks into my muses room, what do they find?


send me a ❖ and i’ll generate a number between 1 & 20  to find out

mixture of angst, nsfw, fluff, etc )

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I can’t concentrate on writing up the rest of the bios for Killian’s different verses, so does anyone want icons?!

I’ve never been more jealous of my fiance than I am right now. Not when he told me he met Charlie Hunnam after doing work for him on his bike. Not when he told me that the same thing happened with Kim Coates. No, apparently he’s seen Tommy Flanagan a handful of times around where he works and is so flippant about the entire thing, and that’s what makes me jealous.

Arrival of the Birds & Transformation
The Cinematic Orchestra
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