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Because this is something I saw (repeatedly and over a rather large span of time) in a couple of tags, and it’s really, really irritating me, let me take the time to make a post to inform you of some rather serious legal matters.

If a state has set the age of consent to be X years old, and one or more participants are under that legal age and are engaging in sexual activities—consensual or otherwise—while residing in said state, it is considered to be statutory rape, and legal proceedings can be enforced.

It does not matter if the age of consent in one state is lower than it is in another state.

Trying to validate a sexual relationship between two or more people where one is clearly considered to be a minor and not of legal age to give consent by saying that it would be perfectly fine if it happened in a different state where it would be legal does not wipe away or negate any sort of legal matters that arise in this sort of situation. It is still illegal in the state that the encounters occurred in. 

Each state has its own laws against this sort of thing, and each one has its own age of consent, all for arguably good reasons. You either wait until you’ve reached that age so that no one can be persecuted for this crime, or you willfully and knowingly engage in illegal actions and risk one party possibly being persecuted and sentenced to jail time if found guilty, the choice is up to you and your partner(s), but don’t think that arguing that Minnesota has a different state law regarding age of consent and statutory rape than California does so it’s okay when the sexual encounters took place in California is going to fly in any sort of court. It won’t. It honestly and seriously won’t.

What takes the cake, though, in regards to this argument is the fact that I’m seeing this horribly flawed “justification” being used almost solely for shipping purposes, which is really irritating. An illegal deed done within one state is still illegal in said state regardless of whether or not it’d be considered illegal in a different state, even for fictional characters.

Stop. Trying. To. Argue. Otherwise.

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